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Alas, when the quilts arrived at my house, I was deterred from admiring the stitching by the strong aroma of mustiness that permeated the room.

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I quickly packed them back in the plastic bag until we could figure out a solution to the smell. As the quilts were predominantly silks and velvets, washing them was out of the question. I purchased some bags of activated charcoal and put them in the plastic bag with the quilts for a few weeks and awaited a clear. They need a bit more of both, but I am happy to declare that they are MUCH improved, and I was able to lay them on the bed to study them! The first of the quilts is a modified chevron pattern I think , and has a wide variety of fabric samples. There is a mixture of prints and solids, with many silks, but also some brocades, velvets, a ribbon, and a painted piece.

It is hand-pieced, but the backing and binding are machine sewn. I found Pontiac High Schools located in a number of states in the U. The flowers in the second photo are elaborately painted onto a piece of silk or satin, the only painted piece in the quilt. It is not uncommon to find event ribbons and painted motifs in Victorian era crazy quilts, so it was fun to find them in this quilt.

There is an eclectic collection of different fabrics here. The fuzzy black and white checked fabric was a surprise, stitched among the silks and velvet pieces. I have been unable to ascertain whether they were sample bits of fabrics, or perhaps pieces from ties or dresses.

Or possibly, both. The stitching combinations in this quilt are not overly elaborate, but they do add some interest to the patchwork of this quilt.

This is not a typical crazy quilt, but it does combine some "crazy" characteristics to this pieced design. Note the tacking stitches circled in yellow. This second quilt is not crazy at all. It is a fun combination of a tumbling block and star design, full of secondary designs.

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The star designs are showcased with a plush red center, surrounded by black velvet diamonds. The plush star centers are repeated on the back to hide the tying of the three quilt layers. The smallest of the three quilts is the winner when it comes to elaborate stitching. So much so that it deserves its own post, so you can enjoy the exquisite combinations and be as inspired as I am.

So stay tuned! We have not gotten these quilts appraised and are not experts in dating fabrics, but I feel pretty certain that these are not "Victorian crazy quilts" as described in the auction.

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My best guess is that they were made sometime in the mids, with either fabric scraps or samples. Unfortunately, we know none of the stories of these quilts, so we will just have to make up own.

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What I do know is that a lot of work was put into them, and I can certainly appreciate that! We hope youll speak your mind about our music.

Feedback is important to us. This band started up in when we recorded a song on a portable studio.

The Needle's Eye

About three hours after the recording was finished we decided to take a break from the wild lifestyle of rock and roll. Now, three years later we decided to continue our project. The music is acoustic and will hopefully take some stress of your mind while listening to it. The band was originally Kristian and Ole Martins pet project and when they had recorded enough material they contacted Viktor and Christian.

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It didnt take long before they agreed to join the band. Detailed route information can be found here on the Mountain Project database. In the summertime, it's best to add this climbing area to an early morning agenda—as recent tree thinning projects have left it very exposed to sunlight and direct heat. Anything before noon is usually quite manageable. As for the hike, it's short enough that any time of day would be great for doing a little exploring.

Alicia is a South Dakota native with family roots in Beresford. She attended Augustana University in Sioux Falls—a year of which she spent studying in Norway and traveling throughout Europe.

My Ticket Home - Through The Needle’s Eye (Audio)

She acquired her degree in Sociology and International Studies. Despite her love of travel, she and her husband have thoroughly enjoyed making Rapid City their home. She satisfies her wanderlust by soaking up the beautiful scenery and historic treasures that the Hills have to offer.