The Joy of Growing Old with God

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The young woman came running into the marketplace holding her skirt, breathless, sweat on her brow. In her ey In her eyes, you could see the wonder and the confusion. She could only come up with a single li His faith in God has been lived in public fro April 29, Are you struggling to live for God? Perhaps you're trying to do it without His power.

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In this message, Da In this message, Dan Lian reminds us that Jesus tells his early followers to wait for the power of the Holy Nov 19, We are made to worship as we gath July 16, Attila Uregen discusses how Jesus revealed that a relationship with Him was more than his moral efforts to do Never one to harbour regrets, her spirits are as high as ever in this wonderful book of reflections on loves, friendships and events in her long life.

She cheerfully offers readers wonderful, wise and often comforting thoughts as she contemplates death. Nothing to Be Frightened Of by Julian Barnes Reading this book is like going on a long walk with a friend who is as erudite and serious as he is entertaining. But what preoccupies him most is death and the fear of death — his, mainly.

What will it be like when it comes? A good one, or one filled with pain and regret? For many people, medicines have turned the end of life into a thoroughly grim affair.

Psalm 71: Growing Old God’s Way

But it need not be so, says Gawande. Dying should not be meaningless and something to be dreaded. To rely on medicines that addle our brains is to deprive us of useful and coherent last days on Earth. It is not a good death we should be hoping for, but a good life — to the very end. Told in the sparest language, the respect that exists between the fisherman and the boy is perfect and touching, as is the respect the old man shows for the fish, with which he converses as it drags him far out to sea.

Various Bible commentators calculate her age as anywhere from 84 to years old. At such an age, today we would expect her to be exempted from work. But she was still serving as best she could.

Growing Old Gracefully - Life, Hope & Truth

With aging affecting our once youthful bodies and minds, how can we grow old gracefully? It is important to keep a positive, even humorous, perspective on aging, because God designed our bodies to age.

And God wants us to continue to bear fruit. One of the biggest benefits of living many years is one that so many in our culture today overlook or dismiss. With age comes wisdom and understanding to pass along to children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren—if only they will have the wisdom to stop and listen.

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Also with those years of experience comes a new level of learning—or at least it should! Another old adage says that wisdom comes with age; but sometimes age comes all by itself.

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But age does not necessarily eclipse our ability to continue learning! The Bible is an inexhaustible mine of wisdom, and the more we study and understand, the deeper our understanding can go. We can also add deeper knowledge and insights on marriage and family, interpersonal relationships, business, hobbies, planning and the importance of love.

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Age should also bring a level of maturity and mellowing gained by experience. There can be a digestion of life and an acceptance of loss and grief. Some heal; some scar; but all carry lessons to be learned and passed along. The hard edges of a personality can soften; hot tempers can cool; rashness can become tempered with patience; and the foolishness of youth can be replaced by the wisdom of years.

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Some realize they may have neglected their wife and family through the years, so they work now to repair and rebuild those precious relationships with love and graciousness. She may be able to focus anew on the positives of her husband. She may become comfortable enough with herself to no longer feel the need to fit in with every fashion.

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She becomes more settled in what she likes and dislikes. And, of course, grandparenting experiences bring pleasure, hopefully without the strains parenting can carry. Those living the Golden Years today did not grow up in a computer age with mobile phones, tablets, megabytes, Google or DVDs. Learning to navigate these technological marvels can be challenging and quite frustrating! Failing eyesight can make it difficult to focus on computer monitors and TV screens.