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I will cover deep psychology hacks to get the most out of your advertising dollars. You have over 30, community members, how do you keep them engaged? I create videos a week on my youtube channel and share it with the group, get into conversations helping members with their advertising problems.

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Few times a month I do a live session or an interview with industry leaders. I wish I had more time to dedicate to my community as most of my time goes into managing multi-million dollar campaigns and my team. You are a 9-figure eCommerce and Facebook ads expert, what advice would you give to someone joining the industry? Emulate what works. Once you've got the basics down and run a profitable business, you can start innovating and bringing your insights. Before that, focus on modeling success, don't reinvent the wheel. What are you most excited to see or do in Bangkok?

I'm excited to meet other industry leaders, learn from them, build new life-changing relationships. Locally I want to explore Thai food, culture and probably hide for few days on a beach as the weather in Europe is nasty in December. What initially drew you to creating an eCommerce business? It was my last semester in college and while most of my friends who had already secured jobs spent their time partying and relaxing before entering the corporate world, I was determined to use every last bit of my free time before work to learn something I was headed toward a high-paying corporate job.

I viewed my job as a backup rather than an achievement - I've always had a hunger to create something that was my own. As a consumer, I knew that eCommerce is the future of business. Coupled with the chaos is extraordinary opportunity.

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I was determined to take advantage of this wave when I was broke and I'm just getting started. I don't think I'm the best digital strategist. I don't think my team and I make the best graphics, websites, or creatives. I don't think I'm the smartest guy in the room. I certainly didn't have more money or connections that other entrepreneurs. This is because I do the things that aren't appealing. I do the things that no one else wants to do and I get results that no one else can get. I build systems for customer support, product research, quality control, customer service, website design, etc.

While most people obsess over Facebook ad tricks and hacks, I focus on automation that frees up my time. My organization has over 50 highly specialized and trained employees that handle the day to day affairs so I can spend all of my time focused on growth. Something else that differentiates my eCommerce success and others is that I don't deal with issues related to customer feedback, product quality, or chargebacks.

My businesses not only do high numbers, but also last. So many people in eCommerce are focused on fast scales and sexy numbers only to have their business taken away from them because they weren't focused on infrastructure. I think everyone in eCommerce, whether they're new or experienced, can benefit from better infrastructure.

I am going to unveil the secret behind how my team and I are able to drive such extraordinary results in such a short time. I guarantee that my speech will help anyone in eCommerce free up more of their time, grow their business faster, and build businesses that not only scale fast, but last. The beautiful thing about eCommerce is that it's as perfectly competitive as it gets - everyone has access to the same products Aliexpress , everyone has access to the same advertising platforms Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snapchat, etc.

My dollar spent on Facebook is as good as Bill Gates' dollar. I knew that every day, others were making eCommerce work. It was only a matter of time when I would also. Even when I was riddled in debt, living in my parents' basement, and my friends and family were begging me to quit and get a job, I never doubted that I would finally figure it out.

Even on days when I buried myself in more debt, I learned to be happy if I genuinely felt that I learned something. I didn't focus on the money or the results, I cared about the learning.

I thought to myself, "Sure, I'm losing now, but eventually I'll learn enough from my mistakes to start winning. What advice would you give to newcomers to the industry? I have two pieces of advice to newcomers in the industry. It's not easy. It's hard. It's not going to be easier than a job, but it can transform your life and make you freer in every sense of the word than anything else you ever do in your life.

You will not make a lot of money right off the bat. You will have moments that test you. The ones who fail are the ones who come in thinking it's just a quick, straight forward way to make a lot of money without doing much work. With that said, I also realize that every day, there are people who make it work. Every day, there are new self-made eCommerce millionaires. Just know it's possible. It's proven.

It just also takes a lot of effort. Everything worthwhile in life does. Dropshipping isn't dead. It's up to you if you succeed or not, so are you? It's important to be resourceful and look for ways to learn, but you should be skeptical about the advice that you receive.

I'm not even talking about the scammy gurus or the bad courses that over-promise and under-deliver. In the world of entrepreneurship and eCommerce, there's no such thing as "magical hacks" or "advice that works for everyone.

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  4. Look for mentors. Look for resources. Just make sure you approach everything with a level of skepticism that is needed to be successful. Unlike many others, I actually didn't buy any course or coaching - I couldn't afford it. I'm glad I couldn't because I got to learn the hard way and the right way, by making so many mistakes you learn what not to do until you finally figure out what to do.

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    At the conference, I'm so excited to meet the other speakers and attendees. All of us will learn a lot from the speeches and lessons, but the most rewarding is the networking and connections we can all build. It always fascinates me learning about all of the different ways incredible people are leveraging the internet and technology to achieve their professional goals and dream lifestyles.

    Nothing leaves me with more energy than seeing a room full of hustlers chasing their dreams in the age of endless opportunity. Outside of the conference, I'm going to make it a point to stuff my face with as much authentic Thai food as possible, visit some of the historical landmarks, check out the natural wonder, and down some good drinks with my fellow entrepreneurs.

    I've never been to this area of the world before so I'm very excited to experience it all. This conference is for the cream of the affiliate marketing crop! The conference is slick and well-designed. Affiliate World Asia delivers a valuable experience with a level of polish that few other conferences in the affiliate world can rival. In Bangkok, the old and new are close together. The city houses over temples, several Royal Palaces and a modern skyline of skyscrapers and suspension bridges. All of the attractions listed in each section below can be found on our interactive map for AWA Thai culture has developed over thousands of years and is evident in all aspects of everyday life.

    Family, patriotism, the physical body and even superstitions are eminently valued; monks are held in high regard, to the extent that you should give your seat up on the bus if one enters. Finally, note that Thailand is the Land of Smiles - but also, that smiles can mean many things. Sometimes, people smile simply to hide their current state of distress or even to manipulate unsuspecting visitors. This is not to say that you should treat every smile with skepticism… but do be wary!

    Thailand is famous for its elaborate temples and intricate Buddhas. A few are even clustered together, making for a nonstop temple trip. Temple of the Emerald Buddha - shutterstock. Muay Thai is an exciting, dangerous Thai tradition. Ask the reception at your hotel to see if there are any local matches or events happening nearby.

    Something we learned from last year's event: ticket prices are different for foreigners than they are for locals. There's not much you can do about it other than ask around for the best prices. It's all subject to change depending on your appearance. That's just Thailand for you. You've never ridden a scooter before but thought, hey when in Thailand!

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    If that plan didn't work out don't worry, Thailand is famous for its high-quality medical care! Some hospitals even feel like 5-star hotels. Here are a few of Bangkok's best:. Fun fact: medical tourism in Thailand is not new!