Musik und Medien - Filmmusik (German Edition)

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It must not be forgotten the melting soundtrack for "Three Wishes for Cinderella Tri orisky pro Popelku " by Karel Svoboda, which is broadcast by every broadcasting company throughout the world at Christmastime. This beautiful soundtrack is available in its original for piano, Symphonic Suite, as well as in a version for beginners.

Tarzan (1999 film soundtrack)

The Jazz music catalogue is equally important. We are falling matters. Kooperationspartner: resonanzraum. A duo performance with dance and live music in which Andi Otto will also prepare a risotto live on stage. It was created as "a house-warming ritual" in Victoria Hauke's new studio in Hamburg Barmbek. The risotto is the 'conductor' for the evening: the rhythm of chopping, adding, and stirring the ingredients structure the choreography and music of the show with the steam, smell and noise of a kitchen.

Risotto: Vialone Nano rice, vegetable stock, butternut pumpkin, porcini mushrooms, parmigiano, parsley, lemon zest.

The performers are situated at a table behind a motorized venetian blind. Throughout the piece, the mechanics to open and close its slats are operated by remote control. The transparency of this moving projection screen generates a polyphony of simultaneous perspectives: double images with vibrant feedback elements between camera and projection and room-filling reflections of the slats, suggestive of Northern Lights. A video tutorial by the American locksmith Ron Reed serves as the conceptual starting point of the first collaboration between composer-performers Leo Hofmann and Andi Otto.

In his instructions on how to pick a lock, Reed is less concerned with the mastery of technique than with a live dialogue between hardware and intuition. Hofmann and Otto apply his idea of a lock as a black box that must be sensitively cracked to their musical interfaces: for years, both have been using gestural controllers of their own making in developing individual interpretation practices for their electronic music.

Music by Andi Otto. The Flinnworks collectiv went to Dhaka to sew T-shirts, they inhaled fuzz, and navigated their way through strikes and cocktail bombs, tracing the people who make our clothes. Why would you rather earn 30 than 50 dollars a month, Naila? Do you see the naked woman on the T-shirt you are sewing, Shilpi? What does it mean to work in a compliance factory, Mumtaz?

Songs of the T-shirt is a theatrical wandering through the global textile industry, between emancipation and exploitation, market and intimacy, Bengali mourning songs and upcycling fashion. Interviews will be reenacted, and consumption options played with, while clothes are continuously changed, following the question of whether it is morally wrong or necessary to buy a T-shirt 'Made in Bangladesh'. Andi Otto applies vocoder technology to the sewing machines on stage and the machines "sing" whenever they are operated. Artists of the Flinnworks collective have travelled to Lagos Nigeria to research about various implications of power, as in electrity, blackout, state power, or the power of storytelling in Nigerian movies.

Nigeria is one of the five top oil exporters in the world, yet the state can't provide sufficient electricity for the population. True presence, finally: The effect of virtual reality on video game enjoyment. Raney, A. Awe-inspired entertainment: How video games can elicit awe to create enjoyable and meaningful experiences.

Muminovic, A. Understanding poke-fun: Location-based play and nostalgia as new sources of video game appeal. Exploring silver gamers' motivation to play casual games — Results from a large- scale online survey. Like gaming, but without playing?

Help, I need somebody! Help, not just anybody!

Post Malone, Swae Lee - Sunflower (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse)

Determinants of the helpfulness of physician reviews. Disengage to enjoy: Investigating the state-trait distinction of moral disengagement. Moral Disengagement als Moderator und Mediator im Rezeptionsprozess [Moral Disengagement as moderator and mediator in the reception process].

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Just like sport games: Motivations for watching video game streaming. A question of culture? A comparative study of motivations to watch digital game live streams among American, British, and Chinese users. Effects of soundtrack music on the gameplay Experience. Link, E. Social science done on deadline: Data journalism and its impact on the reading experience and perceived credibility.

Possler D. Variation in player-avatar relationships: Towards a genre-independent typology. Inspirational video games: The impact of game-induced awe on appreciation and pro-social behavior. Scherer, H. Eine inhaltsanalytische Untersuchung der Entstehung von Parasozialen Beziehungen [Fascinating artists or nice guys? A content analysis of the formation of parasocial relationships].

Filippo Beck Peccoz - Game Audio Designer

Watch me play. Wenn Nationalspieler zu Freunden werden.

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Parasocial relationships to German soccer players]. Hautzer, L. Human and digital bodies becoming one and going apart: Differences and situation dynamics in player-avatar relations. The measurement of media literacy: Development and testing of an empirical test instrument. Von der Kassette zur Social Music Experience.

Daniel Possler, M.