Manifesting for Non-Gurus: How to Quickly & Easily Attract Lasting Results

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This is the time to pamper yourself, to prove how valuable you are and to take the time to do something special for yourself.

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Maybe you have always wanted to stay at a beachfront hotel, get a massage or a pedicure, learn a new language, rent a particular movie, or have a gourmet dinner served in your home. No matter how big or small, the time to fulfill your desires is now. Begin by loving yourself and accepting yourself just the way you are, with all your quirks and idiosyncrasies and we all have them.

Work on accepting your weaknesses, your strengths, your limitations, your guilt and insecurities as part of your make-up.

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You can be happy now, and by doing this work, you are re-creating your world and embracing your capacity to Love. You are growing yourself into a new you. I expressed i understand since that conversation we have seen each other twice in unexpected places to see each other. Thank you so much this is confirmation for me!!!

Much love for you Gabriel. Thank you. Hi Jessica!

My first-ever Manifesting Challenge starts on January 1st!

Thanks for your comment. Thank you so much for explaining the term soulmate, i felt i had met my true one, but because of past life experiences, we drifted apart, i still feel he is the one, so i will start my manifestation, as you have explained. But i now feel on the right path, so thank you again for explaining things in great detail. Lo que emites, regresa a ti, sin excepciones. Hola Enrique!

Gracias por tu sabio comentario. Totalmente de acuerdo contigo.

Ancient powerful manifestation technique

Como vibras, vives. Un fuerte abrazo! Thank you for sharing beautiful lines. It really inspire me.

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I am searching true soulmate. I trust on God. One day he will listen to my heart. Thanks Gabriel! It was really motivating. While there is life, there is hope. I will find Her out….

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This is real magic. I spent one day doing everything mentioned above… all the steps. I thought about my dream team and thanked them for all the help they gave me in the past and for all the support, i was sure, they would give me always. I told myself my new story. I spent 10 intense hours, 7 months ago, and that was all. I never came back to this website or the exercises. The only thing I did was think about my new story the minute old thoughts and patterns would come up to my mind.

I consciously etched the new story into my psyche. Well, in less than two months of doing this, I met someone who I am madly in love with and who is madly in love with me. I felt like I only had to break the barriers within me to find him…… and I found him right next to me. We are going strong, with blessings from our family and plan on getting married next year. He is my soulmate. We speak the same love language. We have this amazing telepathic connection that freaks us both sometimes. We both have our quirks which we completely accept and adore.

We never stop each other from being who we are, even if it means being selfish or demanding at times. Fortunately, we realize our mistakes and make amends immediately. This is the best relationship I have been in. I know I want to spend my life with this man. I just noticed that I already commented on this blog in May the first time I read and followed this post.

Law of attraction works. The trick is to ask for what you want, think about yourself in a new way and let the rest go! You will get what you ask for. Wow, thanks a lot for your story. I am going to try this as well. I am trying to attract a girlfriend. Glad it worked! After i said a prayer, talking to the Universe to send me a lady that i will get married to, i met a lady on facebook.

She became so deep in love with me and i culd sense it. But when she understood she was 2years older than me, her love began to undulate. Prior to our relationship, she has been in several relationshps with men, now she has a perspective bout men not been faithful. I assured her i was different and even if she has a child before that wont matter to me.

But she seems to be falling apart. What do i need to do, to convince her of my love and my faithfulness and ensuring her loyalty? I love her and distance is not a barrier in my relationshp with her. Ur article is superb, it has updated my horizon. U can email me ur answers. I have done all this in search of my love, unintentionally.

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Circumstances made me think, its false love and I warned him to stop hoping for me. He also started to avoid me because of myself. I know he loves me from many. We separated.. I hope…. Such a beautiful article. I have found ur video on YouTube. The steps to finding a soul mate make absolute sense and are very profound..


I will be with my soul mate soon. Thank you x. Thank You Sir This message is very helpful am searchingy soulmate from last 8 years. I hope will find soon. Hi Gab, I did your guided meditation last night. It was an intense experience for me.

By the end I was crying but it helped me stop caring about the outcome which i think was the one thing I was having trouble with. Thank you for the heart soothing article.

I hope I will be with my soulmate soon. Thank you very much. Holy Smokes!