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Perspectives on Italian Modernism. There are several trends in Italian Modernism and there have been several ways, in which literary criticism has dealt with it.

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This session aims at retrieving some of those readings and updating them by offering both new interpretations of the literary works by authors who are by now canonic and others who may need to be read again with a different perspective. In theater, the works by Pirandello pushed several other playwrights, from Giacosa to Rosso di San Secondo, in the background. The Italian avant-garde movements did not limit themselves to that great and crucial phenomenon, which Futurism was.

The session is open to papers that intend to explore the works by the aforementioned authors as well as lesser-known authors whom we need to consider with a new critical approach. The session welcomes new critical perspectives on such authors and a comparative and interdisciplinary approach to them. Theatre in 17th century Italy was a dominant institution that embraced many genres, styles, and modes of performance by amateurs and professional artists, and was directed to many diverse audiences ranging from academic, courtly, religious, and scholarly circles to the broad public.

This call for papers invites abstracts from scholars interested in exploring questions relating to the reception that a particular form of theatre received, as well as what such information reveals about the relationship of the audience to the theatrical representations they were witnessing and how they saw themselves reflected in them.

Lines of inquiry might address the role of metatheatrical devices, the casting of an implicit audience through characterization and emplottment, the construction of a specific audience as evidenced in specific dramaturgical choices, the activation of specific audience responses via textual references and physicality, the politics of space and place in selecting and segregating spectators, and the function of didacticism both religious and secular as benchmarks of public engagement in early modern theatre in Italy.

We are also interested in papers dealing with enduring theatrical and performance practices which still influence theatre today. Please email your abstract max words and your bio max 50 words in English or Italian to Rosalind Kerr rkerr ualberta. Rosalind Kerr and Stefano Muneroni. Life in Renaissance Venice. The population in Renaissance Venice consisted of citizens, a large immigrant population, for labor, and a constant stream of foreign visitors. While this diversity posed a unique problem for Venetian authorities, it enriched the material culture of the city, making the function and experience of culture and everyday life unique for each inhabitant.

This session welcomes papers employing inter-disciplinary approaches to understanding everyday life in Renaissance Venice. Papers should be minutes in duration.

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Please submit a word abstract, biographical information or brief CV, and audiovisual requirements to Julie Fox-Horton at foxhorton etsu. Please do not forget to include your email address, academic affiliation, and institutional contact information with your abstract.

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Submission deadline is February 15th, Papers are sought that address the topic of intentional and utopian communities past and present in Italian geography, culture and literature. These spaces can be physical, mental, linguistic, political, cultural, spiritual, virtual and literary.

Papers may be presented in English, French or Italian. If you need audiovisual equipment, please indicate your requirements in your submission. Please submit a word abstract for a minute paper, plus a one-page CV. Submissions will only be accepted if pasted in the body of an email message regretfully, no attachment will be opened. Submissions expected no later than January 31st.

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It will be an occasion to analyze strategies, best practices, and exchange information. Brief presentations of books published in this field by the participants are welcome. Deadline: January 31st. Travel in Italy and Italians Traveling Abroad. Papers are sought that address the discourse of travel, identity and the individual in Italian culture.

We seek papers about travel in Italy, as well as about Italian travelers abroad. The dark side of the hero in Renaissance Literature. Since ancient times heroes cross the immense lands of literature. From place to place famous poets narrated actions and passions of heroes, holding them up to us. The figure of hero has never left literature.

It goes through centuries and several literary genres.

The Renaissance revalued the study of human beings. In fact, as reason illuminated the complexity of the human spirit, heroes displayed their murky side. Such figures as Tancredi and Orlando arose and showed the deep contradictions of everyone. The Renaissance hero is no longer different from other people by nature but only by degree. On the other hand, even Ariosto and Tasso felt the intricacy of their hearts and described it in their poems.

We invite proposals for papers, in English or Italian, on the base of, but not limited to, following themes:. Marcello Sabbatino and Vicenzo Caputo. The Affirmative Biopolitics of Roberto Esposito. According to Roberto Esposito, there is an emancipatory potential within biopolitics that is yet unrealized. Deadline: February 1, In Migration Studies Bach et al. This session welcomes any cultural production embedding but not limited to literature, poetry, films and media, artifacts, photography, plays and more.

An interdisciplinary approach especially with social sciences but not limited to them is also encouraged. The presentations may include but are not limited to the following topics through any theoretical approach:. University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Translanguaging in Italian language pedagogy. Multilingualism brings about a number of positive linguistic, cognitive, and social advantages to students and people with a diverse linguistic and cultural background Cenoz and Gorter, The pedagogical implication that derives from this is that we should recognize, accept, and reinforce the link between languages and create softer boundaries between them.

One of the names coined to define such a practice is translanguaging Cenoz and Gorter, Originality and creativity are typical characteristics of translanguaging. Users of different languages naturally resort to their entire language repertoire.

Due Fantagenitori - I desideri vanno storti - Nickelodeon Italia

Holistic language knowledge and metalinguistic awareness are familiar realities to them and should be the guidelines of reference when organizing pedagogical activities in class. This session welcomes research experiences that address the concept of translanguaging in Italian language pedagogy.

Please send the abstract of your paper words along with a brief bio to gsalvato uwindsor. Il pannello si propone di esplorare gli aspetti letterari e musicali della produzione del cantautore genovese.

The Project Gutenberg eBook, Renaissance in Italy, Volume 1 (of 7), by John Addington Symonds

Prendendo in considerazione il contesto musicale e culturale degli anni '60, '70 '80 e '90, questa sessione si propone di esplorare i diversi aspetti dell'opera del cantautore, la sua importanza nel panorama musicale, letterario e culturale italiano. Inviate entro il 21 febbraio un sunto di parole a Francesco Ciabattoni a fc georgetown. The goal is to contribute to define possible academic approaches to this rich field of interdisciplinary scholarship and to begin to provide background, perspective and commentaries in English or Italian on the repertory of Italian cantautori.

Send word abstracts to fc georgetown. A Multidisciplinary Panel. From nuclear deterrence to Gamblers Anonymous support groups, play and games have permeated aspects as disparate as economics, political strategy, philosophy, education, esoterica, etc.


Games are often sublimations of violence and power struggles e. Games may also relate to courtship and sexuality, upsetting gender roles between antagonists.

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Toys are also symbolically charged objects: they may remind of a traumatic childhood, sexual innuendoes, social differences, evoke a suspended state between life and death, reconcile humans with their physicality, and so forth. A universal form of behaviour among human and non-human animals, game and play are moments of initiation to a competitive life, but they are also expression of equality, suppression of distances, re-direction of violent instincts, harmony with the human and more-than-human agencies.