Ghosts of Long Island: The Haunted Locations of Long Island, New York

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But you might not know that the popular tourist destination has quite the reputation among supernatural enthusiasts. During its year tenure as a palace, the complex had its fair share of murders, whether from jealous concubines poisoning one another or executions performed at the emperor's behest. Needless to say, there have been many reports of strange phenomena since the palace opened to the public in the s.

The most common story involves a woman dressed in white as most good ghost stories do strolling around the grounds and sobbing. During that time, it was the site of at least one murder, a sailor being crushed to death by a door in the engine room, and children drowning in the pool. The city of Long Beach purchased the ship in and turned it into a hotel, and it still serves that purpose today—although the reported ghosts of the deceased passengers get to stay for free.

For an extra dose of spine-tingling experiences, try and visit the ship's engine room, considered by many to be a "hotbed" of paranormal activity. Built some time between the 13th and late 15th century, this Irish castle has seen more gruesome deaths than a Game of Thrones wedding. As legend has it, during a struggle for power within the O'Carroll clan which had a fondness for poisoning dinner guests , one member plunged a sword into his brother—a priest—as he was holding mass in the castle's chapel.

The room is now called "The Bloody Chapel," and the priest is said to haunt the church at night. The horror doesn't end there—at least not according to the macabre history outlined on Leap Castle's website. During renovations in the early s, workmen found a secret dungeon in the Bloody Chapel with so many human skeletons, they filled three cartloads when hauled away.

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The dungeon was designed so that prisoners would fall through a trap door, have their lungs punctured by wooden spikes on the ground, and die a slow, horrific death within earshot of the sinister clan members above. A sprawling building near the shoreline of Table Bay, the Castle of Good Hope dates back to , making it the oldest colonial building in South Africa. Originally built by the Dutch East India Company as a replenishment station for ships, the site also served as a military fortress and prison during the Second Boer War from to Today, you can tour the fort's many rooms and buildings including the gruesome torture chamber but you might want to prepare yourself for a ghost sighting.

Back in the s, Governor Pieter van Noodt condemned several men to be hanged to death; one of the men cursed the governor from the gallows, and van Noodt died of a heart attack later that day. According to the Castle of Good Hope's official website , his ghost has been haunting the battlements ever since. Crumlin Road Gaol, a Victorian-era prison in Belfast, is said to be one of the most haunted sites in Ireland. Often referred to Europe's Alcatraz, the jail contained some 25, inmates men, women, and children during its years of operation, publicly hung many prisoners, and buried their bodies within the prison walls.

The institution officially shut its doors in , but the ghosts of deceased inmates are said to still roam the iron walkways today.

Hoia-Baciu Forest, Romania

If this sounds like the sort of place you want to spend time in, you're in luck—Crumlin Road Gaol offers daily tours , live concerts, and reasonably priced meals at its in-house in-prison? It even serves as a venue for conferences and Less than half a mile from the canals of Venice , Poveglia Island has served as a quarantine zone for bubonic plague victims, storage space for Napoleon's weapons, and the site of an early 20th-century insane asylum.

The asylum played host to horrific medical experiments, reports The Travel Channel , and finally closed for good when a doctor threw himself off the institution's bell tower. Locals still claim to hear echoing chimes from the island—even though the bell was removed decades ago. It's illegal to visit Poveglia today, but you can see the island and decaying hospital safely from the beaches of nearby Lido. After a prolonged bout of heavy rains flooded and unearthed the overcrowded Les Innocents cemetery in the spring of , a wave of rotting corpses tumbled onto the property next door.

According to Smithsonian Mag , this horrifying event started a year project to move bodies from Paris's cemeteries down into the city's former limestone quarries, eventually packing the underground tunnels with some 6 million bodies. Today, about a mile of the subterranean labyrinth is open to visitors , who can take tours of the tunnels and artfully arranged displays of bones. Larnach was built between and to serve as the residence of William Larnach, a prominent local politician. Most notable is a 3,square-foot ballroom, which Larnach had built as a 21st birthday present for his favorite daughter Kate, who later died of typhoid at age 26, and is said to still haunt the ballroom.

What Happened When We Visited New York's Most Haunted House

Built in , England's Ancient Ram Inn has played many roles over the centuries: a former priest's residence, housing for masons and slaves, an inn, and a public house. It also happens to be one seriously haunted spot. Deep in the jungles of Belize , less than a mile from the Guatemala border, Xunantunich is an ancient Mayan ruin that has sat abandoned for the past millennium. An earthquake caused the original civilization to crumble, but the complex was re-discovered by explorers in the s. Since then, Xunantunich has served as an important archaeological site, under-the-radar tourist attraction, and hotbed of ghostly sightings.

The ancient city is said to be haunted by one female ghost—a black-haired lady with red, glowing eyes. She was first spotted by one of the earliest research teams in , and has been spotted near El Castillo the tallest building in the complex many times since then. No one knows exactly who the so-called "Stone Lady" is, but many speculate that she may have been a human sacrifice whose death ritual was performed on the top of the El Castillo pyramid. Often overshadowed by neighboring St. Kitts, Nevis has just as much to offer travelers—in fact, it offers even more for the more morbidly-inclined.

Case in point: The Eden Brown Estate, a former plantation that now lies in ruins. The estate was originally owned by a wealthy businessman who intended to give the property to his daughter as a wedding present. However, a mysterious duel between the groom and the best man left both men dead the day of the wedding, and the the daughter remained unmarried and alone for the rest of her life. Today, many visitors say they have seen the reclusive woman's spirit roaming throughout the estate.

In a city as ancient as Rome , practically every brick in every building has a story that goes along with it. In some cases, those stories are downright creepy.

The 5 Most Haunted Places on Long Island, New York

One such story surrounds the Ponte Sisto, a romantic bridge spanning the Tiber near Rome's city center. Local legend has it that if you visit the bridge at sunrise, you'll see a charging carriage helmed by the ghost of Olimpia Maidalchini, Pope Innocent X's advisor hence her nickname, the "female pope". The spectral occurrence is said to be Olimpia's attempt to flee the city with the church's gold, just as she allegedly did after Pope Innocent X's death in The spirits are so active at this year-old hotel , they drove out several English national team cricket players back in , who cited sudden heat and lights, and an unexplained presence during the night.

Ghosts have long been associated with the tony hotel, says Visit Britain , and it's thought to house elite spirits such as former resident Emperor Louis Napoleon III and a German prince who jumped to his death from his upper-level window.

While it might look more like a horror movie set, the chinampa akin to an artificial island used to be the residence of a now-deceased man named Julian Santa Barrera. After finding a dead girl's body in a nearby canal, Barrera collected and displayed the toys in the hopes of warding off evil spirits, reports National Geographic. Daring souls can hire their own boat and view the island safely from the water.

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Originally built in , weird happenings have been noted in this parsonage since the s. The gray wooden structure now serves as a bed and breakfast in a rural area with snowmobiling, fishing, and Guests at Borgvattnet have claimed to hear footsteps, music, and the sound of three crying ladies coming from the inn—and the proprietors will reward you with a certificate that says you stayed through the night. Puerto Rico is known for its natural beauty and rich history, the latter of which lends itself quite well to eerie experiences.

One of the most famous spooky sites on the island is Teatro Tapia, a San Juan theater known for its plays, concerts, and paranormal activity.

What are Some of the Most Haunted Places on Long Island to Visit on Halloween?

According to urban myth, an actress who fell to her death while performing at the theater returned to haunt the venue. Some visitors claim to have seen her ghost wandering the theater grounds, with others report mysterious footsteps, doors swinging open and shut, and an unseen choir of voices coming from the stage. Teatro Tapia still holds frequent ballet and music performances, so purchase a ticket to see some local acts—and maybe a local ghost while you're at it.

Friars Club. Known for being an elite nightclub to the stars, the Friars Club is also said to be haunted by vaudeville performer Al Kelly. Kelly, who died of a heart attack in the dining room in , is said to make doors open and close by themselves, as well as being the cause of the club's famous mysterious knocking sounds. The Dakota Apartments.

Yoko Ono even claims to have seen both the "Crying Lady" and the ghost of her husband periodically.

Footsteps, Voices, Creepy Stuff. Uh-Oh.

Morris Jumel Mansion. The Morris Jumel Mansion is said to be haunted by George Washington himself, who, during the Battle of Long Island, turned the manor house into his headquarters. His ghost is said to pace back and forth in the front room, deep in contemplation. Many people have reported hearing the sound of heavy boots on the stairs, and at times people have even experienced the smell of pipe smoke emanating from the upstairs bedrooms. So there you have it: if you're planning a trip to NYC, what better way to add a little thrill to your adventure than to visit one of the city's most haunted hot spots?

Don't forget to bring your flashlight, just in case!

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