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Produced by Reeltime Pictures , this was the first independently made Doctor Who spin-off film and was followed by many others [ clarification needed ] over the next 20 years.

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The trilogy introduced one of UNIT's facilities the Warehouse for containing the remains of alien technology; the Containment Team responsible for these facilities and preventing alien outbreaks at them; and the Internal Security Division. In an issue of the Uncanny X-Men , U. T forces led by Sergeant Benton can be seen loading an unconscious Juggernaut into a lorry while Benton receives a message. For the new television series, BBC created a faux website for UNIT, [83] complete with "easter eggs" that can be accessed by the reader with the passwords "bison" and "buffalo" the latter mentioned on screen in "World War Three".

The 'public' part of the website advertises UNIT Conferences and publications relating to "extra-territorial threats", as well as press releases on the establishment of a central New York Liaison office; the press releases and publications also make reference to off-screen adventures, such as the Skaniska Incident and Jersey Tollgate Situation , with the most recent covering the events of " The Christmas Invasion " "Alien Life Confirmed". The Secure Login link, using the password "badwolf" originally "bison" uncovers a 'private' section which provides UNIT point-of-view reports about various events in the series, as well as mention of missions such as The Fourth Reich and Guatemala "Big Locust" Problem.

Due to the objections by the United Nations as noted above, the letters "UN" are no longer expanded to "United Nations" on the website. The original — series presents conflicting evidence about when the stories featuring UNIT are meant to take place, and there has been much confusion and continuing fan debate on this subject.

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Initially the production team intended for the UNIT stories to take place in the near future. A reference to this confusion appeared in the episode " The Sontaran Stratagem ", where the Doctor was unsure if his time on the UNIT staff took place during the s or the s. Codename: Cromer. Seventies or eighties depending on the dating protocol". The organisation is often seen within the context of other international organisations which featured in science fiction of the post-war era.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Unit disambiguation. T logo used in " The Day of the Doctor " [1].

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BBC portal. Doctor Who. BBC One. Doctor Who Magazine. Tunbridge Wells: Panini Publishing Ltd. Series 4. Episode 4. The U. BBC Worldwide. Doctor Who: The Complete History.

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Volume Marvel Comics Ltd. The Invasion. Spearhead from Space. The Three Doctors. Planet of the Spiders. The Seeds of Doom. Series 1. Episode 5. Series 2. Episode 6. BBC Three. Enemy of the Bane. The Sarah Jane Adventures. Series 7. The Green Death. Terror of the Autons. The Ambassadors of Death. Retrieved 28 May Episode Terror of the Zygons. Series 3. Death of the Doctor. Doctor Who and the Silurians.

The Android Invasion. The Five Doctors. Series 8. The Claws of Axos. Remembrance of the Daleks. Target Books.

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No Future. Virgin New Adventures. Virgin Books. Just War. Who Killed Kennedy. Cold Fusion. Virgin Missing Adventures. The Dying Days. So Vile a Sin. The Devil Goblins from Neptune. Past Doctor Adventures. BBC Books. Alien Bodies. Eighth Doctor Adventures. The Face of the Enemy. August Bullet Time. October Emotional Chemistry. Retrieved 9 May Sympathy for the Devil. Doctor Who Unbound. Big Finish Productions. Time Heals. Retrieved 14 April The Coup. The Longest Night. The Wasting.

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June Short Trips: A Day in the Life. Big Finish Short Trips. July Short Trips: The Centenarian. March Short Trips: Defining Patterns.


T' embroidered on them on their left sleeves and NCOs wore their badges of rank on their right sleeves. There was also the assault team, who wore pattern fatigues and dark berets with the same UNIT insignia. Christine Rawlins had a new futuristic-looking design produced for The Ambassadors of Death , which features only in this story. All ranks are given khaki-coloured zip-up jackets without lapels, which are worn over tan rolled-neck sweaters. The Brigadier retained his No. For Inferno , these changed to Denison smock camouflage uniforms.

The UNIT patches and tan berets remain standard, except for the Brigadier and Yates, who also wore caps with their rank insignia. The fatigues were changed for Terror of the Zygons , as director Douglas Camfield reckoned the fatigues "looked too soft". UNIT then had a lengthy absence from the screen.